APC help out in the community.

Earlier this year Brookweald Cricket Club, Weald Road, Brentwood was vandalised. A large amount of damage was caused to the interior of the club house and not completley covered by insurance. APC was approached to see if we could help get the club up on its feet again for the current season.

APC were only to pleased to help. We took 11 students who were in final week of training to give them, not only an opportunity to work on a real project but also to enhance their skills. The work was interesting for them as it included uneven backgrounds, walls and ceilings, lots small and large areas, work in difficult areas, odd angles. The students had to level the surfaces and then skim finish.

This is similar work to that that they had experienced in our training facility but now they were putting it to good use.

The interior of the building before the work was carried out, was old fashioned and uneven. When finished the interior was modern and all surfaces were flat and smooth.

The cricket club were ‘bowled’

over by the tranformation of their club house.

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