The four week advanced plastering course will enable qualified students to work in some of the nations most prestigious buildings, including stately homes, palaces and other high class properties, (e.g Embassies, Banks etc)

The 4 week Advanced Fibrous Plastering Course will cover the following (plus much more):

  • Preparing original moulds and producing ornate, fibrous castings
  • Cutting and running straight, oval and radius fibrous mouldings
  • Setting out domes, coffers and lighting troughs
  • Correct use of Reinforcing Elements
  • Designing and creating NEW moulds
  • Cutting and Running new models
  • Casting with Fibrous (various forms)
  • Laying down enrichments
  • Setting out the walls and ceilings
  • Fixings the moulded plaster castings
  • Making good, with various materials
  • Repairs to existing mouldings

4 week Advanced Fibrous Plastering Course Price £2500.00

For more info or to book call 01277 632 187 or email today!