Fibrous Plastering Courses

Fibrous, Heritage and Restoration Course

Fibrous moulded plasterwork is considered to be the most interesting and rewarding branch of the industry and at any one time almost half the number of available craftsmen are working in the Film and Television industries.

With its own commercial moulding shop and dedicated professional workforce, APC is uniquely placed to equip the student with the high level of 'hands-on' instruction that this type of plasterwork demands. This provides students with the opportunity to become proficient in a specialist trade that is both sought after and well rewarded.

The Foundation Fibrous Plastering Course consists of:

  • How to make a mould.
  • Preparing the mould and taking a cast.
  • Taking a profile from existing plasterwork.
  • Making good ready for decoration.
  • Repairs to existing plasterwork.Running in-situ or bench.
  • Setting out a room and installing moulded plasterwork.

Please note: This one week Foundation Fibrous Plastering Course can be counted as part of the 4 week advanced course, fees will be adjusted accordingly.

1 week Fibrous Plastering Course Price £500.00

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