Plastering Courses Essex

The owners of APC have been in the business for over 35 years and have an impressive list of contracts, both home and abroad, under their belts: The Albert Hall, Clarence House, Barcelona's Olympic Hotel are just a few of the prestigious and historic buildings that have been plastered the APC way!

We take your training very seriously, and always aim to produce the very best plasterers. As a result, our standards are higher than those required by the governing bodies of the construction industry. We'll even cover both classic and some not so typical situations during training in order to prepare you for every eventuality.

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We split our courses into three sections:

APC key facts

"Our policy is to inform, encourage and inspire."

"Since the late 80's there have been very few apprenticeships available within the building industry which has resulted in a shortage of good tradesmen under the age of 35. APC has made a commitment to provide a centre of excellence whose aim is to train students to the highest standard in these trades."

Solid Plastering Courses

Always in demand, plastering is needed for virtually every new build or refurbishment. The foundation plastering course will enable you to undertake plastering jobs around the home or small projects, and will provide people considering turning to plastering as a career with a head start on how to plaster to high industry standards.

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Fibrous - Heritage & Restoration Courses

Considered to be the most interesting and rewarding branch of the plastering industry, almost half of all fiberous artisans are employed within the film and television sectors. These courses are suitable for anyone who is looking to learn the skilled techniques that are involved in producing beautiful, complex fibrous plastering.

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Specialist plastering & rendering courses

Ideal for those looking for those special techniques and those already in the trade who wish to gain more refined or specific skills, such as polished plastering, rendering and restoration courses.

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