1 week Polished Plaster Course

Polished Plaster, often called Venetian, Marble or Italian Plaster, is a stunning decorative wall finish made from lime putty, marble grains and powders, waxes and colorants applied by a steel trowel.

That's the easy bit - the skill is achieving a number of high quality finishes ranging from the pitted stone rustic look, to an almost endless range of pre-coloured plasters with a wide variety of high lustre finishes.

The polished plastering course will cover:

  • Preparation and setting out
  • How to apply specialist finishes
  • Achieving the correct colours
  • Creating styles and special effects
  • Finishes with 2 or more colours
  • A variety of ways to finish edges
  • Use of Waxes and Polishes

1 week Polished Plaster Course Price £525.00

Specialist Plastering Courses

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